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Sick & Same Day Visits at Kelly Collaborative Medicine, Silver Spring, Maryland

Kelly Collaborative Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland, recognizes the urgency and concern that comes with sudden illnesses and health issues. That's why we offer Sick & Same Day Visits to ensure you receive prompt, compassionate care when you need it most. Our dedicated team is prepared to address acute illnesses, minor injuries, and any immediate healthcare concerns with efficiency and empathy. We strive to make healthcare accessible and stress-free, understanding the importance of addressing health issues before they escalate.

What Services Are Included in Sick & Same Day Visits?

Our Sick & Same Day Visit services cover:

  • Evaluation and treatment of acute illnesses like colds, flu, sore throats, and fevers
  • Care for minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, and sprains
  • Management of sudden or severe symptoms of chronic conditions
  • Prescriptions and medication management as needed
  • Referrals to specialists if further evaluation or treatment is required

Why Might You Need Sick & Same Day Visit Services?

These services are essential for:

  • Immediate medical attention for sudden illnesses or injuries
  • Quick relief from painful or uncomfortable symptoms
  • Avoiding unnecessary visits to the emergency room or urgent care
  • Peace of mind knowing that prompt care is available when you need it

Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Kelly Collaborative Medicine is committed to providing timely and effective care through our Sick & Same Day Visits. We understand life's unexpected health challenges and are here to support you with quality care right when you need it.

Sick and Same Day Visits for Silver Spring, Maryland Residents

Kelly Collaborative Medicine is a beacon of responsive and patient-centered care in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our Sick & Same Day Visits service is designed with the Silver Spring community in mind, ensuring that residents have immediate access to healthcare without the long waits or travel to distant facilities. We're here to serve as your trusted healthcare partner, offering peace of mind and expert care, right in your neighborhood.


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“Dr. Kelly has really helped change my life with my health. She listens very carefully and never rush me. Great customer service and all staff members.”

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Under Dr. Kelly's care  since the pandemic, her exceptional bedside manner tackles my lifelong allergies and sinus issues”

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“3 years at Kelly Collaborative post-Covid. Minimal wait, plan ahead for scheduling. Integrated with Privia Health, providing accessible info.”

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