Referral Information

Kelly Collaborative Medicine of Silver Spring, Maryland, is dedicated to delivering thorough medical services to patients throughout the community. Through proactive physical examinations, education initiatives, and accessible communication channels, we help residents take control of their health. We are available for primary care referrals.

As your first point of contact for your health and wellness concerns, we are able to inform you of medical issues that require your immediate attention. In addition, we have built an extensive support network to make it easier for you to gain access to the specialized care you deserve. Below is a list of trusted specialists who are share our mission for compassionate and comprehensive care. If we discover a matter that requires their services, you may find their contact information below.

Office Policies

Kelly Collaborative Medicine strives to deliver world-class primary and sick care for each of our patients. By emphasizing a compassionate and comprehensive approach to health and wellness, we are able to facilitate personalized care that helps throughout your life. Existing patients are welcome to take advantage of our clinic and its resources. We are implementing the latest communication technology so you can stay in touch with us and gain more information at your convenience.

At our healthcare practice, we take pride in offering service along with goals of a high standard of professionalism. In addition, our personnel are committed to providing open lines of communication to promote a more personable approach to healthcare. In order to fulfill our mission for healthy and happy patients, we also cultivate an environment of respect. Please review our policies on payment and appointments below. Our staff humbly requests that you consider the following information when requesting an appointment.

Patient Forms

Forms can be completed online through the patient portal or you can print them from our website and bring them with you to your appointment.

Become a Patient

The Adaptive Doctor

As a unique individual, your health concerns also require specific avenues of assessment and treatment. Our doctor is trained in Internal Medicine, and our support team is prepared to respond to your health concerns. The clinic is equipped with the technology to facilitate dependable communication and education, as well as particular diagnostics. As your primary healthcare physician, we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive Physicals
  • Urgent Care
  • Sick Visits
  • Well-Woman Examinations
  • Chronic Illness Care

Your Caring Healthcare Provider

Taking care of your body is a lifelong commitment. As you age, your specific health concerns and needs will also change. Choose a healthcare provider who adapts to your needs. At our primary care clinic, we make a point to adopt a personalized approach to care. When you come in for your appointment, you are important to us.

Our goal is to give you personalized care from a medical professional you can trust and depend on. For this reason, our entire medical team and support staff is very committed to your health care needs. We foster open communication between the doctor and patient, so you can feel at ease when discussing your health concerns. After all, when you are confident in your healthcare provider, you can be empowered to own your health, make productive decisions, and live with confidence.

Your First Point of Contact throughout Your Journey

Health is a personal matter. When you join our practice, we welcome you with open arms. Thanks to our emphasis on compassionate and comprehensive care, you can depend on us to be your primary care provider. From routine examinations to sick care, our medical services adapt to you so you are prepared to respond to changes in your health. We welcome new patients and are ready to serve our patients.

Primary Care That Focuses on the Patient

Working with your physician should be a fulfilling experience. Our medical team empowers you to make a lasting investment in your health and wellness. As a result, you can have the resources and support to build a rich and fulfilling life.

It all starts with our empathetic perspective on healthcare. We want to take care of the entire patient and take the time to listen to their concerns. Join our practice and learn just how a culture of compassion can make a difference in your wellness.

Contact us today to request your appointment to our primary healthcare center. Our practice proudly serves patients throughout Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as the surrounding area.